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See below for our helpful tips before planning your next trip

1. Pick a trip, we can fully tailor any trip to suit your group. 

2. Pick a date, it is impossible to satisfy everybody, choose the date that seems to work the best for the majority.

3. Please take our advice, we run 300 trips per year, so if we suggest limiting your itinerary it is because we want you to enjoy your trip and not have to rush. 

4. We Mapquest all of your itineraries, however, traffic and weather conditions sometimes prevail.

5. Please read your contract carefully. There are different requirements specific to certain trips. 

6. Please make sure your group is aware of the cancellation policy. 

7, If you have chosen a restaurant that requires meal selections, the information will be in with your contract and flyer. It's much easier for you to get that information as people sign up.

8. Rooming lists should state any specific requirements, such as handicap requests. Please note that most hotels situate their handicap rooms near to emergency exists so they tend to be at the end of the corridor. If your guest simply has difficulty walking, please request a room near an elevator rather than a handicap room.

9. We ALWAYS give 2 ladies sharing, a room with 2 beds. 

10. Hotels will try to accommodate requests for guests that want to be near each other but this cannot be guaranteed.

11. Please adhere to our terms for deposits, rooming lists and final payment, this will help to ensure the best possible seating etc.

12. Add-ons - We know that often after you have sent your rooming list and final payment somebody wants to join in, we will try and accommodate you. It is however subject to availability at all the venues you will be visiting. Once you advise us to add a person/s please understand that this is a commitment that has been paid for even if you have a no-show on the day of the trip as we have made payment on your behalf to our vendors. 

13. The itinerary that we send you is also sent to our bus company, your driver has the same instructions , please sit back and enjoy your trip even if you know a short cut, let the drive do his/her  job. It is their responsibility to get you to your destination safely.

14. Theater tickets - We know that allocating seating is never easy, but please understand the theater needs to maximize the seating in a way that makes commercial sense, which does not always allow you to leave empty seats at a table, particularly during high season.

15. Our standard bus size is 56, however, our larger buses can carry up to 61 passengers. 

16. When you are visiting a casino it is imperative that you supply the relative information requested on the manifest form that we send you.  Please also be aware that the casinos can (and sometimes do) change their promotional offer without notice.

17. We are really thrilled that you are enjoying our candy bar. It is there for your pleasure, however, it has come to our attention that a very small percentage of your guests are taking advantage of our generosity. We provide bags for the candy, please do not use hotel coffee cups and please ask your guests not to bring Ziploc bags and fill them. The candy bar is for members of your group but not their grandchildren. 

We respectfully ask that if you need any information or need to make any changes, please do that directly through our office rather than contacting our vendors directly as this often leads to confusion.

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