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Dear Friends

We are in uncertain times. It is becoming more and more difficult to disseminate the information that we are being given. On the one hand we are being asked to limit our contact with others but then see that stores and destination venues remain open for business. As an example, we have all heard that the parks in Orlando have closed and yet I am receiving emails from many other Orlando attractions that remain open. In our own area some theaters have shut down but others like The Broadway Palm are playing to near full houses, our tourist destinations such as Tin City are open for business and our restaurants are full.

What to do??

Some vendors are allowing for rescheduling even if they are operating others are not. I know some of you do not understand this but until mandated to close and receive government/state assistance they most probably do not have a choice.

We want to thank all of you who have reached out to us to offer words of encouragement and prayers. Those of you who know us well know this is a small family business, we do not have the resources of Disney or Marriott to withstand an 8 week shut down and as yet have not heard anything regarding what, if any, help there will be for small businesses like us.

South Florida survives on tourism, particularly areas like Naples where we have no industry to speak of. Many of our beloved destinations are the same and many many of the businesses in those areas are just like us, family owned and operated and reliant upon steady income to pay mortgages and feed our families. This is really a frightening time.

For those of you who have canceled trips, please understand that this is an evolving situation, things are literally changing daily and in certain cases hourly. It is going to take quite some time to sort out, I cant give you answers because I don’t know how this will conclude. I know you are frustrated, I myself spent 5 hours on hold with Travel Insured on Friday but to be honest, even they are unsure of what and when and how and are, at this time, putting all their resources into handling the needs of those who are sick or simply trying to get home. Please be patient.

Both Peter & I are available to try and answer your questions. Best Group Tours hopes you will think of us when you are ready to re book your next trip which we hope will soon.

We look forward to seeing you all in the near future

Kind regards, Karen & Peter

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