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Can We Help?

Dear Friends

It’s looking more and more like this hiatus is going to be somewhat prolonged. Thankfully Peter and I have each other and are used to being together 24/7 unlike some of our friends who after 2 days of having their husbands and kids home are out trying to buy Valium along with the toilet paper.

In all seriousness we know we are lucky to have our kids around us and to be in good health. We know a lot of you are here in Florida with families stuck up north and it’s very easy to feel isolated in these circumstances.

Can we help? Do any of you need food or medicine collecting? Do you have doctors appointments that may be difficult to get to? We are here, and while still able, only a short drive away.

All of you have helped us build our business over the last twenty years and now it’s our turn to help you.

Sincerely Karen Stone 239 784 1920

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